Clinics We Offer

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Diabetic Clinic

Normal surgery hours – a double appointment

We offer a specialist diabetes clinic run by our nurses where you can discuss in detail the management and control of your condition. We usually ask that you have a diabetic blood test with our healthcare assistant 10 days before you book for a diabetic review.

You will need to bring a urine sample to your view – bottles at reception.

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Asthma Clinic

Throughout the week – double appointment with one of our nurses.

Those with asthma or other respiratory diseases should make an appointment once a year to see our Practice nurse for an annual review. It’s possible that we may be able to offer you further relief from your symptoms.

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Heart Disease Clinic

Normal Surgery Hours

People aged between 35 and 75 who are at high risk of a vascular  disease (angina, heart attack, strokes or related illness) are invited once a year to see our Practice nurse for a basic examination, tests and advice on reducing the risks. If you haven’t had a check in a while please call reception and ask if you are due one.

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Minor Operations

Dr James usually carries out minor operations on a Friday every 4 weeks.

Procedures include wart and skin tag removal and cyst excision.

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Family Planning

Normal Surgery Hours

All aspects of family planning, contraception and pre-conception can be discussed with one of our doctors or nurses. Different methods of contraception can be discussed in detail and arranged for you.

Women prescribed the contraceptive pill will be asked to attend a medical examination every six months with the nurse.

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Midwife Clinic

Tuesdays 13:00 – 15:30

If you suspect that you are pregnant then please hand in an early morning urine sample as soon as possible. Once you have contacted the Practice and the pregnancy confirmed we will let the midwives team know and they will contact you to book you into a clinic.

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Postnatal Checks

Throughout the week – usually at the end of morning surgery

Postnatal checks are usually done at six weeks by Dr Agarwal.

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Cervical Smears

Our nurses perform smears for women aged 26-65 who require them.

This is usually a double appointment carried out every 3-5 years depending on age.

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Childhood Immunisations

Normal surgery hours – double appointment

Our nurses can immunise children using all the standard vaccines including MMR, diphtheria, tetanus, polio etc.

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Blood Tests

Our healthcare assistant is able to perform blood tests at the doctors request if you have a long term condition that needs monitoring.

Appointments last about 5-10 minutes.

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Our Practice has the services of a registered counsellor who can help with problems such as stress, bereavement etc.

To access this service you can either speak to one of our GP’s or you can self-refer by ringing 0191 295 2775.

The waiting time can be up to 3 months.

Flu Vaccinations


During the colder months we have many flu vaccination appointments for those who meet certain criteria.

These change annually – please ring reception for details.

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We can refer you for physio in North Tyneside at various locations.

You may not need to see a GP to get a referral.