GP Extended Hours

Evening & Weekend Appointments

We now have additional appointments available at a time to suit you – after 18:30 on weekdays and also on Saturdays and Sundays through the day. Bank Holidays are also covered by this new initiative. This has been organised by your GP Practice in partnership with other Practices in North Tyneside.

These appointments are all pre-bookable so if you need an appointment in the evening or weekend because you are busy during the week, then please continue to arrange it through your own GP Practice.

Many of these appointments will be available on the same day that you call your Practice if you need to be seen quickly. We have appointments until 20:00 every weekday and on Saturdays and Sundays to see a doctor, nurse or healthcare assistant.

Some of these appointments are at hubs or central locations to suit you but they are all provided by local doctors and nurses and they all have full access to your patient notes.

To book one of these appointments please ring reception and ask to book an appointment at the Oxford Centre on an evening or weekend.

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